Crystal bed therapy

What is Crystal Light Therapy, the Crystal Bed and How Both Can Help You?

Crystal Light Therapy is a detox and replenishing therapy which uses the so-called Crystal Bed. The Crystal Bed is for everyone from young to old, including infants. It is used mostly for energy replenishment of physical, mental, emotional and chronic conditions. During a session, we look together at your personal story and see where balance may be restored.

The duration of a Crystal Bed session varies between 30 minutes up to 2 hours. With chronic challenges the 2-hour session is suggested.

During a Crystal Bed session, you will lie on a massage table under the crystals. These pure 7 clear crystals have been hand-cut in a geometric pattern with delicate care. They are precisely aligned above your body and correspond to your seven Chakras (energy centers).

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There is a colored light connected to each of the crystals with a synchronized blinking pattern. Together with the geometry pattern, a frequency is created that assists the healing process allowing your energetic field and body to “breathe” again and your chakra to spin in their optimal way.

 After a session, most clients share their feeling of being rested, relaxed beyond words with a feeling of well-being while experiencing a connection between body and mind. In general, there is a renewed sense of direction in client’s lives.

 Types of Crystal Light Therapy Sessions with the Crystal Bed

 > Just Crystal Bed and Stillness

> Crystal Bed with Therapeutic Techniques

> Crystal Bed for Distance Healing

> Group Healing with the Crystal Bed  (for private and business settings)

> Healing Evenings

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