People come to sessions to become aware of their own answers to questions such as: 


Where am I going in life?

How can we deal with our relationship?

Should I stay in this relationship?

How may I/we support my/our child’s needs in the best way?

How may I become physically healthier?

How may I become emotionally healthier?

How may I become mentally healthier?

How may I become spiritually healthier?

How may I deal with my finances?

How may I/we improve my living conditions?

What should I do for employment?

How can I/we deal with the death of someone close to me/us, family or friends or pets?

What is my purpose in life?Etc.


I love to offer a safe setting in my practice for people experiencing uncomfortable situations with each other. I may work with couples, parents with their children or teenagers, mothers and daughters, fathers and daughters, fathers and sons, mothers and sons. Each person is completely allowed to share their point of view as they have experienced the situation while the other(s) are listening without interrupting. In this way each person is seen, heard and respected for who they are.Emotions can become diffused. When everyone is sitting together and maybe for the first time listening to each other, each one becomes aware of each other’s point of view. This way awareness is created for mutual understanding. This understanding naturally creates opportunities that may turn into compassion and respect towards the self and the others.

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The transformation of energy between people can shift from heaviness to lightness in one session. Then solutions to any problems may emerge naturally.

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