Sessions for Children and Teenagers

I truly respect parents who offer opportunities as means to maintain their child’s energy field open and flowing. When parents do this, their child is more likely to stay connected to their natural talents during their life.

In the first 7 years of a child’s life they are energetically absorbing like a sponge everything they experience in life. This could be challenging for some children. In this sense, Crystal Bed sessions help children to remain true to themselves naturally supporting their self-confidence.

The Crystal Bed produces light, color and *frequency through geometry which brings harmony between body systems, creating a true soul/body connection. I notice that this positive experience during a Crystal Bed session can even transform some of the negative experiences a child may have had. This renewed soul/body connection will be remembered for later in life as a reference point of what harmony and true connection feels like.

Many times children ask their parents just to come and lay under the Crystal Bed lights. Children know intuitively that the Crystal Bed lights are rebalancing their system and their soul is calling for this connection once again.

I notice that when children/teenagers are experiencing:

having pressure of school and homework demands;

peer pressure;

when home situations change and become challenging;

the lack of good quality food to feed the cells properly;

eating too much sugar and/or dairy;too long with mobile phones;

too much gaming;too little playing outside;

being too little in nature;

not having connection with other children;etc.


can disbalance and even bring a child’s energy down and make it harder to stay connected with their natural happy self. Many children get tired and drained from those situations and a Crystal Bed session restores their natural balance right up while at the same time their eyes sparkle with a new flow of energy.

Despite such daily challenges, I do notice that the young children nowadays are much stronger in their soul light than ever before. Children are much more aware of what is good for them and not good for them, even though, sometimes they cannot speak this out.

During a Crystal Bed session, I guide mostly, young children to make their own  Liquid Light Remedy. They love this because children like to mix and create their own energy drink.


*frequency through geometry: each crystal has its own geometrical shape. Each geometrical shape produces its own frequency. This has a harmonizing effect on the body, mind, spirit and emotions.

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In the most ideal situation of daily life:


Every time a child hears what loving, encouraging, supporting words,

sound  like… his/her soul is also reminded of the love he/she carries inside. 

Every time a child sees what loving, encouraging, supporting actions,

look like… his/her soul is also reminded of the love he/she carries inside. 

Every time a child feels what loving, encouraging, safe supporting touch,

feels  like… his/her soul is also reminded of the love he/she carries inside.

Liquid Light Remedy

A liquid Light Remedy can be added to these sessions to assist the subconscious processes within the body. 

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