Crystal Light Therapy

Crystal Light Therapy is a detox and replenishing therapy which uses the so-called Crystal Bed. The Crystal Bed is for everyone from young to old, including infants. It is used mostly for energy replenishment of physical, mental, emotional and chronic conditions. During a session, we look together at your personal story and see where balance may be restored.

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Crystal Bed Massage

Massage with the Crystal Bed is a way to create more energy in your system through the letting go of physical and auric toxins. Most people experience a deep state of relaxation (alfa state) where the daily stress can completely disappear!

During my massages, I apply pressure on the skin with hands and fingers using whole plant-based oils. The client lays on the massage table, face up or face down. Skin is exposed, with underwear and bra on, while covered with warm towels and listening to relaxing music.

Holistic E.F.T.

Basic EFT is a gentle, quick, and easy technique effectively releasing troubling emotions like fear, worry, anxiety, panic, anger, and stress in a short time. This combined with holistic modalities, creates impactful transformation.

EFT involves gentle tapping on your own body a series of points that correspond to acupuncture points in the energy of the meridian system. The meridian system is in the body between the under layer of the skin and the muscles. While speaking out statements during the tapping as to what is happening in your life now, including the feelings that go with your circumstances, you loosen up the blocked energy that is related to that tapping point. This tapping sends a neural signal which connects and affects the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of your being.

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