massages with the Crystal bed

Massage with the Crystal Bed is a way to create more energy in your system through the letting go of physical and auric toxins. Most people experience a deep state of relaxation  (alfa state) where the daily stress can completely disappear!

During my massages, I apply pressure on the skin with hands and fingers using whole plant-based oils. The client lays on the massage table, face up or face down. Skin is exposed, with underwear and bra on, while covered with warm towels and listening to relaxing music.

Liquid Light Remedy

A liquid Light Remedy can be added to these sessions to assist the subconscious processes within the body. Just let me know before I begin the session.

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*Traveling costs, setting up and breaking down time are added for on location sessions. If the Crystal Bed is also requested on location, this is possible with a minimum amount of pre-booked sessions. For actual amount,  contact me.


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