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An Invitation to Heal…

We are here to release the accumulated library of “personal stories” and “collective stories” held in our body systems. This collection of stories can create a heavy and sometimes painful feeling in the body, mind & spirit. When these “stories” are released, you free up space in your body system, allowing potential healing. A natural rejuvenation process begins to occur at the cellular level and your system finds a new way of rebalancing itself.

A metaphor to show this would be like watching a water easily flowing down a mountain creek until there is a place in the creek where there are large boulders. The flow changes. In order to create easy flow again, you must remove the boulders. Once removed, the flow of the water will naturally find balance again.

In this same way, the body starts to release the tensions that it was holding for many years and searches for a new natural balance which eventually creates rest in the body and mind. Please realize that your soul is asking for these changes to be made because this raises the soul’s frequency and you take this new energy with you when you are finished with this life.


How Do I Know What Story to Release?

Where there is pain or no forward movement in life, then this is your clue. The body is our messenger.


Where Do the Stories Come From?

Our eyes are like a photo camera taking pictures every moment they are open. This information is recorded in our cells and genes (in DNA/RNA) like records in a filing cabinet. The mind is interpreting the information. If there is an emotion that is triggered with the information, this sets the picture from the mind interpretation into cell/genes memory storage. (like saving to a hard drive on a computer). Now, this happens with all humans, all generations. Data has been passed on to each generation in your genetic line.

How many experiences have you had since your birth with stories that may have distorted the natural energy flow in your cells? How many experiences have your ancestors had that may have distorted the natural energy flow in their cells?

Therefore, allowing the release of these “stories” can offer an impactful positive effect on your genetic line and anyone who was in a story with you.


How I can assist you in this process:

I offer various techniques, like chromotherapy, craniosacral therapy, Holistic EFT tapping, kinesiology, psychodynamic body work with breathing techniques, massage, visualization, meridian pulsing, inner child work, DNA healing & Axiatonal light weaving which help you to release the stories that have been in your body system for a very long time. The ones that are blocking your life now are the stories we start with to help your energy return so you can feel your natural JOY in life.

Included with your session, I offer liquid light remedies and sometimes food supplements which give healthy support for the mind & body’s cellular structure.


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