For groups and individual sessies of the Crystal Bed, EFT, Emotie Coaching, Detox Massages, Liefdes Coacing, Electro Acupunctuur, Feeling Good Frequenties, Detox Coocking and much more…

At this website are sessions and events that take place in the “Niet Weten Atelier” Venhuizen (North Holland) , You wanna have your own business or events on the website just contact us and we will get you up and running on, greetings Laurée Sine

Building community

we would love to bring you to our website, as we are building a community with love.

The website Laureesine.nl is setup for services such as Yoga, Love Coach, Kristal Bed, Massages, Electroacupunture and we love to set you up in the practice.

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If you would like to participate on the website please send us your link by the contact form 

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Provide us the kind of service you provide and we will sett you up at www.laureesine.nl with your own login you can keep track of the data and see who’s attending your services

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After approval we will place you on this website

Laurée sine website

After approval we will set you up on the website www.laureesine.nl

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Our clients and partners

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